Unrealized DC Metro map designs by Massimo Vignelli: presentandcorrect.
Digital nostalgia bombs: kottke.
For six decades, ‘the man with the golden arm’ donated blood — and saved 2.
What happens when you rent out your house to the Beastie Boys?
We Lost Scott Hutchison
Mice love to run.
There are still Blockbusters.
nanolist is “the world’s cleanest todo list.
A Modest Guide to Productivity by Frank Chimero.
A fun little library mystery:
Patient Rouge is a fun dungeon crawler card game made by the same developer who created the Medieval Fantasy City Generator.
sea monkeys
“Our popup studio setup is designed to provide the client stakeholders with the mental space for data-wall walkthroughs and home cooked meals — not just aligning to the deliverables — but exposed to the intent behind the process.
I’m a Shameless Fortnite Camper.
Heater by sugi.
walk in the woods
Monthly Mix is “a playlist of the best new music each month.
Happy birthday Kottke!
Little isometric buildings by Rob Turpin.
pizza key
By Matthew Lyons
Sad day, my favorite email newsletter, Five for Friday, is calling it quits:
“You can tell as soon as it starts that this is one of those songs, perfect for driving, for wide skies and telephone poles, billboards and headlights, sun or clouds or stars.”
matt cook
The 2017 SkyPixel Photos of the Year feature amazing photos taken from above.
Loffee is an app that plays lo-fi music to work by.
“Barlow viewed his life’s work as being a good ancestor — one who consistently did the right things, and whose contributions we can look back on with fondness.”
One of the spreads from Spectacle’s first issue.
dan mcpharlin
laura bifano
Aerial shots of amusement parks by photographer Jeffrey Milstein
This photo of Toronto is unreal.
Super fun pixel art by Gustavo Viselner.
VHS Distributor Logos
The Slash is a 20-foot clearing that stretches the length of US and Canadian border
One of the tank illustrations from the Floral Pilgrim theme on Cargo Collective.
Photos of Japanese Playground Equipment at Night by Kito Fujio.
Gradient Puffer Jacket.
The Grunge Gold Rush, all about the rush to sign the next Nirvana in the early 90s.
The Medium 404 page is pretty fun
Some Other Place by Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber.
Incredibly Detailed Miniature Urban Buildings.
“Playing Arts is a collective art project where designers and illustrators from all over the world express their vision of an ordinary playing card using personal styles, techniques and imagination.
Start with words, and then build your design from there.
I don’t remember the movie Island at the Top of the World, but the poster is epic.
Signs we are in the future 2017 edition.
Six Words Written On A Napkin.
I think I could get behind the 13-Month Calendar.
The Ideal Paragraph by iA, this should replace lorem ipsum as filler text.
bird tracks
enter the 37th
axiom simulation
Fun night downtown
viewfrom30k is an Instagram account that creates minimal diagrams of airport runways.
The darkest day, Krampus, art doppelgangers …
Bicycle Graveyard
The always interesting 52 things I learned this year by Tom Whitwell
TOORMIX - Their logo tilts as you scroll down, fun.
A history lesson from the original things to click
The Old Gentleman of Raahe is the oldest surviving diving suit
The daily Hey Okay always contains a wonderfully weird collection of photos
Matchbox Nativity
Build some sand castles
All medical supply packaging should be this interesting
ASCII Today is a super-fast title generator
The Origins of Black Friday
Do You Love Any Dead People
al boardman
Tags music, travel, hip-hop
Tonight was 还阳, a “ghost holiday” where the afterworld is a little closer.
The Jail in the Gunter Hotel
Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches by John Hodgman
Story Speaker
The Dark Feels Different in November
The tropes of dinosaur art applied to living animals
Little Drawing Book of Weirdos
The Legend of Steve
Autumnal Content
Spooked Podcast
Japanese Vending Machines at Night
Episode 75: The Gatekeeper
Post ride tacos by the fire
Paul Scott Canavan
Mark Mann
Scratching the Surface with Geoff Manaugh
Time Claustrophobia
Raised By Wu-Tang
A typeface that lets you make little graphs in your sentences
Time maps
On The Beaten Trail, a Reddit about desire paths
A history of drawing elephants without ever seeing them
Caiyuanba Bridge in Chongqing, China
Hieronymus Bosch Piñatas
Hippos, birdies, T.
Walk slow
Bulk storage
Paul Regan’s art captures the uncanny in the mundane
Punch Activated Arm Flamethrowers
Underground tennis courts somewhere in Missouri
Word of the day, shinrin-yoku or forest bathing
Night paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky
These waves!
I downloaded an app.
Dear David, a creepypasta told via Twitter
That “Kirby Krackle,” unleashed in scenes of energy or chaos, became a signature device of Kirby.
Tabagotchi is a little monster that helps keep your number of tabs down.
And sails of rust.
Every time I look at this drawing I notice something new
Blocks and Bricks, worth playing just to hear the oh yeah
After 46 Years, Mattel Redesigned Uno For Color-Blind People
action transfers
czech clutch pencil
It came from the deep.
chiba lotte marines mascot
floating cloud
Beth Dean's home page is pure retro fun
swear trek comes to america
int ball
dead mall
i just finished reading kings of the wyld by nicholas eames super fun read highly recommend it
quick twittermd
2 a.m.
Skyline Drive
sunshine pils
Mike D designed this wallpaper
austinkleon on david sedaris note taking process also this is how t
because i m me by the avalanches. great song great video happy friday
mapping choose your own adventure books
science fiction prototyping
medieval fantasy city generator
40 years of hip hop
Redditors design worst volume sliders possible
Craig Mod has a new podcast about making books called On Margins
Foggy Spaces
A New Day Dawning: How “Check Your Head” Invented the Beastie Boys
I Want Crab. Pure Maryland Crab.
What city is the microbrew capital of the US?
“Because when you see someone on the street head-down in their phone and dabbing away at the screen, they’re not cut off from the outside world. They’re talking to people. Fuck your Black Mirror narrative — they’re just more interested in a window to their friends and family than they are in you peering at them in judgement.”
Missed my old Pebble. Breaking it out and wearing it until it bricks.
Aleutian Dreams shows the otherworldly life of an Alaskan Fisherman.
Scenes is a paper pop-up/cut-out tool for storyboarding. let’s you listen to Wikipedia edits in real time. Kinda relaxing actually. gives you some data to use for your wireframes and designs. Nice idea!
″River of Teeth″ is a forthcoming alternative history book by Sarah Gailey about ”… a bayou overrun by feral hippos and mercenary hippo wranglers” in the 1890s. I’m in!
The Design Observer podcast has a super interesting chat with Ashleigh Axios, the former creative director for the White House’s Office of Digital Strategy.
NPR’s podcast, How I Built This, interviews Atari and Chuck E. Cheese creator, Nolan Bushnell
Copywriter Joe Coleman’s site is very funny
Can’t get enough of Masashi Wakui’s photos.
This week (no. 10)
is my new podcast obsession.
The most amazing thing about this houseboat is that it’s actually a boat
How To Make Sense of Any Mess
The Magic iPod
Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer
A Tribe Called Quest mix
A decent recipe for productivity
You think you’re having a crazy day, then you see a sonogram of your unborn child, hear it’s heartbeat, hear the doctor say that everything’s looking normal (brain, heart, limbs, etc.
Yeah Boi!
Indie Microblogging
The movie that doesn’t exist and the Redditors who think it does
Material Islands, currently on my phone.
“In an ever-changing hyper-competitive landscape, what I’ve found to be even more important is the value of laughter, empathy, a collective responsibility and a distinct lack of ego.”
“We’ve burned through a remarkable amount of futurity in the last 21 years.”
The Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone
Sir Carma’s voxel art is fun
Wise Buyer
The gold mine at the end of the world
Sea Foam
“Science fiction stories are the dazzling flares we launch into the darkness, to catch a glimpse of the country before us and show us our way.”
“The NFL has effectively turned into a circus: a bizarre combination of feudal management practices and primal on-field violence.”
Fitbit has officially acquired Pebble
“the gangly beast that is the internet”
“We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service”
Aaron Reynolds (the creator of awesome Twitters like @swear_trek) tells the story of declaring his social media accounts when he visited America:
Do Not Go Gentle into that iTunes Store
Biz Markie was on Celebrity House Hunters
Redesigning Waxy, 2016 edition
A month’s worth of things to click in one day!
The GutenTag Stamp
Octopus Kingdom
Silicon Valley’s Secrets Are Hiding in Marc Andreessen’s Library
Xhurches Redesigns
Om Malik on Recode Media
Haunted apartments go for cheap in China
“If ice cream is available. I would eat that 24-7. I also like a beer or two each night.”
Fidget Cube
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
Paul Kaptein
These Mysterious Symbols Have Been in 19 Video Games and No One Knows Why
DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak
UX Bear
Every Joke from ‘Airplane!’ Ranked
Eyvind Earle
Swear Trek
Ambiance Jeune
Snap Text Ship
Chekhov’s Gun
Null Island
Beastie Boys Mural
Rogue One Trailer + Celebration
Year Progress
Masashi Wakui
Printed By Somerset
Pentagram designs new logo and identity system for Mastercard
form + align
The Last Days of Jack Sparks
The latest DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK Summertime Mixtape
Sidebar, one of my favorite web places/newsletters, has redesigned
Pixel Art to CSS
How to get value from wireframes
Die Hard An Oral History
“An insulting pitch,” email from MK12 co-founder Ben Radatz
The Secret Inspiration Behind Warren Zevon’s ‘Werewolves of London’
Trampled by Turtles Wait So Long is another blip from Spotify’s Discovery Weekly.
Guillaume Kurkdjian makes super fun animated gifs.
Jon Gold quotes J.
Procedurally generate 3D spaceships.
This week (25)
NIMBYs vs. Waze
The word of the day is Homefulness:
somewhere in pittsburgh
star wars in one image
computational kindness
roomba routes
moebius x adventure time
Moving Art by Carl Burton
Detroit by Jason Peterson
They Have To Be Monsters
Moon Camera Idea Journal
Hiding in Plain Site
A Rube Goldberg machine built entirely from HTML form elements
Roads Tunneled into the Earth
Taking a line for a walk
Jim Harrison’s obituary
How should we collaborate?
blob experiment, a mesmerizing animated gif by A.
Minimal workstation
Goodbye Gravity Falls.
No. 3
No. 2
Mini Metro is a minimalistic subway layout game.
Dystopian food
Penny booksellers
Sabotage through group dynamics
BlackBerry-prayer style
Remainders vol. 1
Creepy content
To login or log in
Quake tweets
20 questions to ask children about ghosts
Doggerland and “everything west of Interstate 5”
Here’s how I use my mobile device to read your content
Reaching out
You always do discovery