Documenting Ridgewood’s Abandoned Tree Beds

The average pedestrian on a city stroll is more likely to notice the tall, flowering trees they see above them than the remnants of trunks no longer there. Photographer Alexa Hoyer is unique: It was the derelict, abandoned sidewalk tree beds that she couldn’t ignore when she moved to Ridgewood, Queens.


Tiny unicorns are spreading joy all over Providence. Who’s behind them is a mystery

Their less than two-inch stature makes them easy to miss. But their neon hues and satin-like sheen catch the eye of the hunter, who might almost walk by before realizing they’ve stumbled upon a treasure.


Four Things I Miss From the Golden Age of Paperbacks

As might be guessed from the fact that one publisher literally called itself Pocket Books, mass-market paperbacks were small enough that in many cases they would fit in the pockets of men’s clothing.

I’ve held on to a few of my favorite paperbacks. What great objects.


Representing Non-Linear Journeys

Now we can attempt to plot a user’s journey, to see how they move from page to page. But rather than just depicting the user’s behaviour visually, I’ve been keen to try data sonification. Well, some very basic sonification: adding a distinct sound to each type of task, so that you can (theoretically) detect patterns or oddities by listening to the data.

I’m a sucker for beep, boops, and good diagrams.


DoorDash, Uber Eats — and Tony

Tony Illes has become something of a folk hero in the Seattle area by advertising a much simpler and more human strategy. With a bunch of simple signs and a $5 delivery fee, he’s starting something of a delivery revolution from the seat of his bike.

March 22, 2024