A month’s worth of things to click in one day!

Lifting my nose from the grindstone for a moment to share some clickable fun for your Friday.

👻 Ghost is a new book produced by Pixar/Disney alums that … contains 13 hair-raising vignettes told through the voice of a reclusive groundskeeper. In each tale, the author meticulously summons the spirit of campfire nights of a youthful past through vivid storytelling that is equally engaging as it is terrifying. Interacting with and shaping the words are a series of dense and haunting visuals. Employing snow-bleached landscapes, speckled textures and muted tones, the images take on an ephemeral and otherworldly quality. The end result is aesthetically stunning and will serve as a worthy benchmark for a new generation of ghost stories.”

Some more things on the spooky spectrum:

📹 Strapping a 1000 watt LED to a drone produces some pretty amazing imagery. Skip to about the 2-minute mark if you don’t want to know much about the how to. /via Chris Glass

😴 What Do Babies and Little Kids Dream About?. Mostly animals, and scary things. /via Five for Friday

💡 Hairy arms” is a slight of hand that designers use to distract art directors or clients from making changes. The origin comes from working at Disney: So what they realized after working with these art directors - that what they hated the most was anything added to the character, especially hair on the arms cause this is, you know, 30s and 40s. Things had to look very slick. So what they did was to distract the art directors from making other changes, they would automatically put hair on the arms of each character.” /via Sidebar

🌮 TeenyRecipes, search recipes by emojis.

🎧 Slip Slide featuring Busta Rhymes, is from last year, but new to me.

📷 Things to look at: under water action and a land whale

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