#Here’s how I use my mobile device to read your content

I’m sitting outside, eating lunch, holding a greasy slice of pizza in one hand, trying to catch the napkins blowing away with the other, and reading A closer look at things Robert Griffin III did well and not so well on Monday” when your ad slides up over the content.

I try to close it with the free pinky I have on my pizza holding hand, but actually tap on the ad by mistake. I go to the site, don’t read it, tap the back button, which takes me all the way back to the article in Feedly where I have to tap the link again because you don’t show the full article in feed readers.

I know some of this is on me for eating, reading, and generally being a doofus, but I share this bit of usability testing” to help remind myself of what people are actually doing when they try to interact with a mobile UI I design.

August 20, 2014 · UX · Mobile · Design

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