#How to get value from wireframes

Dustin Senos on how he uses hand drawn wireframes to validate ideas:

The setup

Let’s get started. Grab a notebook and draw a grid of at least 20 small rectangles. If you’re working on a mobile UI, make them roughly the aspect ratio of the device you’re designing for. For desktop UI, make them the aspect ratio of a computer monitor.

The process

Now, with your pen fill each box with a different approach to the design problem you’re trying to solve. Sketch the most obvious ideas first. Get them out of your head, don’t stop until you’ve filled every box with an idea.

I always go to paper first, I find it helps me filter out bad ideas before I even open up a wireframing tool. I’ll have to try Dustin’s method for my next project.

/via brian lovin

July 1, 2016 · UX · design · wireframes

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