#This week (25)

Some things

📚 I read a lot of book samples on my Kindle. More samples than books. It’s one of my favorite features, you get a taste of a book before you commit to buying it. But I also feel like it makes me a waffler, always reading the next sample instead of actually starting a book. I should do a year-end list of Kindle samples, a best-of retrospective, showing off my keen ability to procrastinate.

🎂 Sometimes I feel like my life has been reduced to wishing people happy birthday on Facebook.

Other things


📖 Reading: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. In the old school physical format of a paperback (maybe an end around to my sample problem).

🎵 Listening: The Maritimes by Classified, if you like sketchy bagpipe samples, appeals to my former House of Pain loving teen self, Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature just keeps churning up odd little tchotchkes like this.

📺 Watching: Nothing, seriously, I got nothing, I’m 3 weeks behind on Game of Thrones.

☀️ I’m glad summer is here …

June 23, 2016 · week notes · books · facebook · humans · spotify

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