November 21, 2016 ☼ 🎧

#We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service”

A new Tribe album was a pleasant surprise, but not without some melancholy1 in the form of a reminder that Phife has passed, that there will be no more new Tribe, and a stirring up of some nostalgia for the old Tribe music and my long gone youth that those albums represent2.

Anyway, a little more about the album, emphasis mine:

Acutely aware that this project would be the group’s last, Tip mined the sounds of all their previous albums for a final release that feels both completely new and totally familiar.”3


Tip and Phife sound positively rejuvenated and thrilled to be making a Tribe album, bittersweet given the circumstances but still a joy and a privilege to hear one last time. […] And yet it’d be all for nothing if the songs weren’t there and this is where the album shines brightest, answering the almost impossible question: What does A Tribe Called Quest sound like, pushing 50?” The group was the voice of a generation and an era, both of which feel like distant, sepia toned memories […]“4

  1. 🙁

  2. Represent-sent.

  3. Wave Don’t Die: Behind the Making of A Tribe Called Quest’s Curtain Call

  4. They Got It: On A Tribe Called Quest’s Final Masterpiece