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February 28, 2017馃捈馃摉

The Magic iPod

It鈥檚 like Girl Talk in your browser tab.

February 28, 2017馃帶

Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer

This looks good!

February 7, 2017馃摵馃帴


A streaming service for classical music. Nice site.

February 7, 2017馃帶馃捇


A simple little web app to let you know what week, or vecka, it is. In Sweden, people make plans in weeks instead of months. This might seem weird to newcomers, but once you get used to it, it鈥檚 kinda smart. Weeks are short and an agile way to make plans.鈥

February 6, 2017馃摀


A Chrome extension that can make an animated gif out of your on-screen actions. Great for QA or conveying a simple idea.

February 3, 2017馃捇馃捈


It鈥檚 like Tetris and Scrabble had a very evil baby. Fun, in a stressful kind of way.

February 2, 2017馃幃馃拃

A Tribe Called Quest mix

An hour of pure Tribe flow that ducks and dives through 38 tracks in just 60 minutes鈥︹ A nice Friday afternoon gift for Tribe fans.

January 27, 2017馃帶

I really want to steal these Stabilo crayons from my son. They鈥檙e smooth like butter.

January 26, 2017馃帹馃摲

A decent recipe for productivity is the warm focus playlist on Spotify on low volume + morning murmur1 on Coffitivity on slightly higher volume.

  1. The only problem with Coffitivity is that there are some actual words or identifiable sounds in their tracks鈥 so you start to pick up the loop. It kinda messes with the illusion of natural background noise.

January 26, 2017馃捈

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