July 12, 2018

🎧 Do yourself a favor and listen to Summertime Mixtape Vol. 9 by The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff. Head nodding goodness.

June 11, 2018

Searching for an abandoned church in the English countryside.

June 7, 2018

Bad Ass!

May 23, 2018

Infrared photos of Tokyo: twitter.com

May 22, 2018

Unrealized DC Metro map designs by Massimo Vignelli: presentandcorrect.com

May 20, 2018

Digital nostalgia bombs: kottke.org

May 13, 2018

For six decades, the man with the golden arm’ donated blood — and saved 2.4 million babies. Superhero.

May 13, 2018

What happens when you rent out your house to the Beastie Boys? About the iconic LA house the Beastie Boys rented while finishing Paul’s Botique. The landlords even get a shout out in a later album:

The trio would still recall the Grasshoffs [the landlords] fondly in the 1998 song The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin’),” comparing the couple to Thurston and Lovey” Howell from Gilligan’s Island.”

May 11, 2018

We Lost Scott Hutchison

Oh man, this … Fuck!

This is what I wrote about Frightened Rabbit way back in 2011:

I had a discussion with a friend about how I don’t buy albums anymore. I just have a scattering of singles. One band whose singles keeps mounting in my collection is Frightened Rabbit. I suppose that is a good a musical endorsement as I can give these days.

Swim Until You Can’t See Land is probably my favorite Frightened Rabbit song:

Do yourself a favor and find some more F.R. to enjoy. And I suppose take some of Scott Hutchison’s last bit of advice:

Be so good to everyone you love. It’s not a given. I’m so annoyed that it’s not. I didn’t live by that standard and it kills me. Please, hug your loved ones.

— Scott Hutchison (@owljohn) May 8, 2018

Via Jim Biancolo

May 1, 2018

Mice love to run. They left a small cagelike structure containing a training wheel in a quiet corner of an urban park, under the surveillance of a motion-activated night-vision camera. The resulting footage showed that the wheel was in near-constant use by wild mice. Despite the fact that their daily activities—foraging for food, searching for mates, avoiding predators—provided a more than adequate workout, the mice voluntarily chose to run, spending up to eighteen minutes at a time on the wheel, and returning for repeat sessions. (Several frogs and slugs also made use of the amenity, possibly by accident.)” /via Russell Davies

April 30, 2018

Sketchize. Free wireframing sheets to print. Also a funny/good website.

April 27, 2018

There are still Blockbusters. One in Oregon and a couple in Alaska.

April 25, 2018

nanolist is the world’s cleanest todo list.” See also the new Google Tasks. See also Why Can’t Anyone Make A Decent Freaking To-Do App

April 24, 2018

A Modest Guide to Productivity by Frank Chimero. A person is not a brain driving a meat robot; it all runs together. If work is stymied, ask: are you eating clean? Getting enough sleep? Did your heart pump more than a sloth today? Start with your body, not your work methods. Trust me.”

April 20, 2018

A fun little library mystery:

A wee old women came in and said I’ve a question. Why does page 7 in all the books I take out have the 7 underlined in pen? It seems odd.” What?” I say, thinking she might be a bit off her rocker. She showed me, and they did.

April 10, 2018

Patient Rouge is a fun dungeon crawler card game made by the same developer who created the Medieval Fantasy City Generator.

April 5, 2018

The last thing you expect to see while spearfishing…50+ foot palm trees” by Austin Derry

March 25, 2018

Our popup studio setup is designed to provide the client stakeholders with the mental space for data-wall walkthroughs and home cooked meals — not just aligning to the deliverables — but exposed to the intent behind the process.”

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure Jan Chipchase is a character from William Gibson’s Bigend trilogy.

March 25, 2018

I’m a Shameless Fortnite Camper. Of course, stealthing is just one way to play. It has its downsides. No one likes to die while they’re hiding in a bush, or even pretending to be a bush. It’s humiliating. But this is the life I’ve chosen.” Lol, it me!

March 20, 2018

Heater by sugi.wa seems like good track for a snowy first day of Spring. It’s samples of Peanuts + Biggie Smalls over a chill loop.

Related: love this faux Biggie Smalls Macy’s Day parade balloon.

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