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viewfrom30k is an Instagram account that creates minimal diagrams of airport runways. For example, Chicago O’Hare’s runways:

The darkest day, Krampus, art doppelgangers …

📷 It’s that time of year when going to work and going home both happen under cover of darkness.. ⤴

But don’t fret, the Winter solstice (a.k.a. the shortest day of the year) is on December 21st, which means the days will start getting longer on the 22nd.

And if you need a reminder of summer days to come here are some long-exposure photos of firefly’s /via @Oniropolis

More things to click ⤵

🎧 10X17, twenty-six artists visually interpret and count down their favorite albums of 2017.” Come for the art, stay for the music recommendations.

👹+🎅 Krampus and Santa, the original good cop/bad cop duo.

📖 Five 280 character microfiction stories for your enjoyment.

🎨 Doppelgangers of classical painting subjects.

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Bicycle Graveyard

The always interesting 52 things I learned this year by Tom Whitwell

TOORMIX - Their logo tilts as you scroll down, fun. I worked with them on José Andrés’s site a long time ago. Talented peoples.

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A history lesson from the original things to click

The Old Gentleman of Raahe is the oldest surviving diving suit

The daily Hey Okay always contains a wonderfully weird collection of photos

Matchbox Nativity

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