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    Wednesday February 7, 2024
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    A touchscreen, then, operates as a digital platform where features can be locked or unlocked by the company at will, depending on customers’ rent payments. Physical buttons, on the other hand, can’t be turned into rent. They only serve the customer, so they’re less attractive.

    Source: Creative Good: Why car companies (still) ignore customers

    Tuesday August 1, 2023
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    Give it the Craigslist test. “If you’re designing a new product or service, give it the Craigslist test — start with low-fidelity options that see if people would love it even if it looked like Craigslist.”

    Friday April 14, 2023
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    Because red and green are complementary colors opposite one another on the color wheel, they’ve become the default colors for every designer who wants to represent opposites: true and false, high and low, stop and go. Inconveniently, these are also the two colors most likely to be mixed up by people with color vision deficiencies.

    It me!

    Source: Designing for colorblindness - The Verge

    Friday April 7, 2023
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    I think that if you want to know how something is made, you should look for the grids. They are the ever-present, behind-the-scenes structure of our cities, our machines, our homes, and our lives. You’ll find the grid in the artist’s studio, in the patterns of the textile weaver’s pattern book, in the architect’s floor plan sketches, in the engineer’s CAD software; even the monospaced fonts that programmers use fit to the grid.

    Source: GRID WORLD by Alexander Miller

    Wednesday April 5, 2023