What the recommended videos look like on other people’s YouTube home pages their.tube

Related to the above, Rabbit Hole is a podcast about what the internet doing to us nytimes.com

The origin of the Success Kid photo flickr.com

The half-life of 90s music pudding.cool

A primer on affordances in digital work matthewstrom.com

A set of tiny icons for use in your next project teenyicons.com

Concept artist Ismail Inceoglu creates intricate sci-fi and fantasy scenes behance.net

Just a polar bear floating in a lagoon twitter.com

After listening to Stay Down, Man it sounds like Dan Reeder and I have had similar friends in our past spotify.com

Watercolour paintings of TV and movie sets Example:

Shadrach Radio on Spotify. A crunchy mix of 90s music (Ween, Beasties, Primus …) if that’s your thing, enjoy.

Almost everything Caity Weaver looked up on Google or Wikipedia in a week the fun parts are in the footnotes.

Sounds made by humans for your app or whatever. Pops, ticks, nudges, and more.

An old float house in the woods

by Adam Senatori /via Dense Discovery

Typehut another super simple blog “… or newsletter, changelog, press page, devlog, announcements, events or anything else you can imagine.”

Doomscrolling Is Slowly Eroding Your Mental Health “Each swipe through the timeline marks the end of a day of reckoning—for the state of the world at large and for the person attached to each appendage doing the scrolling.”

Analog is “a physical (paper + wood) companion for your digital tools that helps you prioritize and focus on your most important tasks.”

I wish there was a more peaceful feed reader. Something that doesn’t make keeping up with my favorite blogs feel like a chore.

So I made a little Figma prototype to illustrate the idea.

I call it MARKS and the concept is simple. A list of bookMARKS that lets you know when something is new plus gets you out into the wilds of the web to hopefully discover even more great sites.

How I envision it working: Add sites you want to keep up with, when there is something new they jump to the top of the list. When you click on the link, it’s marked as read and drops to the bottom until something new is detected.

If you like the concept, reach out to me and maybe we can actually build it!

Note: There used to be something similar to this called Rososo, also Fraidycat is close, but I want something even simpler.

Color Craft & Counterpoint: A Designer’s Life with Color Vision Deficiency is a detailed article about the life of a color blind person. I’m also color blind (red/green) and the block below about traffic lights spoke to me. I have problems when lights are blinking red or yellow late at night.

Think for a moment about ways that color is used to convey information in the world around you. One thing that comes to my mind would be traffic lights. Color is used to let drivers know how they should proceed. No additional information is provided in case a driver is color blind. Traffic lights also use two of the colors most commonly associated with color blindness: red and green. Thankfully, most traffic lights have a common form factor. The top light is red, the middle light is yellow, and the bottom light is green. Even if I couldn’t tell the color, as long as I can tell which light is lit, then I’m able to get the necessary information.

Color Copy Paste is a pretty amazing app.

Small Seasons is a nice little website listing nature’s micro seasons. We are currently in the seeds and cereals. “Praying mantises hatch, fireflies come out. Time to seed the soil.” I saw my first fireflies of the summer on my walk last night.

Kicks Condor on blogging “But it’s still worth attempting - like any creative project that might flower into something. That might actually make life worth living.”

One of the Most Striking Photos of the Mount St. Helens Eruption Was Also One of Its Biggest Mysteries wweek.com

In the interest of trying to learn #Figma I started recreating those Lego Computer #UIs that made the rounds recently. If you’d like to have a go at it, here is the link.

From the other side of the bridge interconnected.org

Walkcar is a car you can carry around like a laptop PC.

Collected Notes is another simple blogging platform.

Bear Blog is an extremely lightweight blogging tool.

Passive income for the soul “I now have several forms of passive income: writing, drawing, cooking, exercising, photography. Doing any of these things pays immediate dividends into my mind vault …”

Time for a Walk #walkdaily

Ships from Carnival, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean now form a strange new archipelago a network of ships “spread out loosely in three groups spanning some 30 miles” west from the Bahamas