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Photos of a journey through Japan, the transition between locations, chef’s kiss # January 3, 2020
B612, a font family designed to be used on aircraft cockpit screens. January 3, 2020
“I’ve been thinking about web design in 2020 and beyond; all the things that remain unexplored, all the paths not taken—or maybe foreclosed: by the supernova success of the phone, the shape of that screen, the grain of it. December 17, 2019
boulder-guide December 16, 2019
Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience. December 12, 2019
Don’t forget to stretch your design December 5, 2019
Bread Time is putting out episodes again. March 6, 2019
A TV Radio Robot, “In the early 1970s Japan Victor experimented with producing appliances in unusual shapes: round televisions sets that resembled space helmets or pyramids like this one, which echoed the form of the robots they were testing at the time. January 11, 2019
The Design Observer podcast has a super interesting chat with Ashleigh Axios, the former creative director for the White House’s Office of Digital Strategy. April 28, 2017
A month’s worth of things to click in one day! October 28, 2016
#Kottke. September 13, 2016
#Pentagram designs new logo and identity system for Mastercard July 15, 2016
#Sidebar, one of my favorite web places/newsletters, has redesigned July 5, 2016
#How to get value from wireframes July 1, 2016
Jon Gold quotes J. June 24, 2016
#BlackBerry-prayer style November 4, 2015
#Here’s how I use my mobile device to read your content August 20, 2014
#You always do discovery April 19, 2013