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Quarantine Goals

A list of good things

A crowd sourced reading list of foundational internet writing /via Laura Olin

Week 19.20: instrumentals, advice, stuff to love, and more

Jeff Bezos’s wealth gave me carpal tunnel syndrome

What is the job of a contact tracer?

I was reading my state’s Covid-19 recovery plan and was curious about the contact tracing part. Specifically, the job of contact tracing, so I looked up the job posting:

Are you a self-motivated, people person looking to make meaningful contributions through work that impacts the nation? NORC is hiring interviewers to serve as Contact Tracers for the Maryland COVID Link initiative. These Contact Tracers will play a key role in the state’s effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This opportunity will allow interviewers to contribute to the fight against the disease while working from home as part of the Contact Tracing Call Team.

I’ve always been interested in how “things” (organizations, tools, industries, processes) work. I suppose that is why I dig my job so much. Curiosity aside, this “thing” may save our collective asses in the coming months.

louie zong

Finding Our Way is a new podcast on design leadership with Jesse James Garrett and Peter Merholz

Paul Ford

Music to listen to while wandering in a dungeon

There is a face house in Japan

A SCHOOL BUS jumping over a whole bunch of motorcycles

What a beautiful map of California including clouds drifting off the coast

One Way to Potentially Track Covid-19? Sewage Surveillance sounds promising

The Sidewalk Weekly podcast is an interesting and light look at urban tech news

Roam is a super nerdy (I mean that in the best possible way) note taking tool that allows multiple ways to interconnect your thoughts

Week 15.20 - media diet, tiny offices, sea creatures, and more

↑ Current mood, photo by Patrick Joust

“These days do feel long, but the year will be short.” - Emmet Connolly

Larry David

MapLab: A Shrinking Mental Map

“Under quarantine, the map of my world has shrunk in distance, but if I try hard enough, maybe it doesn’t have to shrink in detail.“ 

An interesting nugget from Advice from Ten Years of Leading Remote Teams:

Nails, foggy nights, wave forms, and more

Just doing my part to prevent doomscrolling with these short videos and pretty pictures:

Nightime in Pittsburgh // wave forms from a drawing machine // one foggy night // shaking nails, stick with it // tracing murmations

The 404 page for the Information Architecture Conference is fun:

Trains in Motion is a series of photos by Aaron Durand. /via Present & Correct