sheds, ghost networks & more


🏘️ Some of these Great British sheds are just awesome.

🎮 Cross My Heart is a fun Frogger “Demake” that you can play in the browser.

🛖 Bothies are “simple shelters in remote country for the use & benefit of all who love wild & lonely places.”

🤖 “Hiding on Slack isn’t all that hard, apparently; you just have to pretend you’re a bot. That’s what IT Brew’s Tom McKay did when he left Gizmodo in 2022, and he went undetected by the site’s management for months.”

📺 “Few cable and satellite networks are a force anymore, the byproduct of sudden changes in how people entertain themselves. Several have lost more than half their audiences in a decade. They’ve essentially become ghost networks, filling their schedules with reruns and barely trying to push toward anything new.”